Today (18th February) is Sir Bobby’s birthday. He would have been 89.

It’s a day we always take a moment to fondly remember him and reflect on everything we’ve been able to achieve thanks to Sir Bobby’s great vision in launching this charity and his absolute commitment to ensuring its success.

We know how much this Foundation, and your support, meant to Sir Bobby and, as someone who faced cancer five times, he truly understood the importance of the work we fund.

He would be extremely proud of the ground-breaking cancer treatments and innovative patient support services we’re continuing to support.

We also know, as well as wanting to hear every single detail about every one of our current projects, Sir Bobby would be the first person telling us to keep at it. He always said ‘when’ not ‘if’ we beat cancer.

This April, you can help us continue the work Sir Bobby began when he launched our Foundation by taking part in Sir Bobby’s Football Run 2022.

This is the second Sir Bobby’s Football Run and last year, we had runners from across the UK and beyond getting active, supporting our work and proudly wearing their football club colours.

A top-flight footballer runs an average of 10km during a game, so why not challenge yourself to run the same distance? You can complete Sir Bobby’s Football Run whenever and wherever suits you best during April – and we encourage you to do so wearing your favourite football shirt.

It’s a fundraising activity Sir Bobby would have loved and Lady Elsie thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the photographs that were shared on social media last year. And remember, if a full match is a bit too much to take on, you could run ‘half a game’ and do 5km.

We were thrilled by the response to our very first Football Run, which saw supporters aged from five to 93 taking part as well as fantastic take up from junior football clubs.

Hanwell Town FC striker, Gareth Chendlik, chose to run 10 Football Runs in West London and we even had one Sir Bobby’s Football Row – 10km completed on a rowing machine.

Sir Bobby’s Football Run is free to enter and participants are asked to try and raise £50 in sponsorship. After completing the run, you will receive a certificate and Sir Bobby Robson Foundation pin badge.

For more information and to sign up for Sir Bobby’s Football Run, please visit Sir Bobby’s Football Run. Or contact the Charity Office by calling 0191 213 7235 or emailing

We look forward to sharing more news about Sir Bobby’s Football Run as we go on.

And, today, please join us in celebrating our ongoing work and in our hugely affectionate memories of the man who made all this possible.

Happy Birthday, Sir Bobby!