8J5J2111Mick Mills: “What a wonderful landmark to reach and achievement to make.

“Having witnessed at close quarters the work that ‘The Team,’ as Sir Bobby referred to it, have put in. I am sure Sir Bobby would be very, very proud of everyone.”

Dated: 13/02/10 Steve Gibson is to become the Teesside Patron of North East cancer charity the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. He was officially named in a ceremony at the Riverside stadium prior to the Middlesbrough home game against Peterborough.  #NorthNewsAndPictures/2daymedia

Steve Gibson says: “This is an extremely significant milestone for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

“Cancer is something that, sadly, affects far too many of us and this £10million is helping fund vital work that directly benefits cancer patients from Teesside and across our region.

“It’s taken an enormous amount of effort and generosity from tens of thousands of people to bring us to this point. Everyone who has organised or supported a fundraising event, or made a donation to the Foundation, should feel proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together.

“Certainly, I’m very proud to represent this charity and to know that, every day, we’re moving forward against this terrible disease.

“Sir Bobby’s Foundation funds research work within the NHS and with other charities and research organisations that means we have the skills and resource in the North East to help lead the way against cancer.

“I know that was Sir Bobby’s aim when he launched his charity. He left us with an incredible legacy that, thanks to wonderful ongoing support, is continuing to grow.”

liz-25Alan Shearer says: “To have raised this much money is a fantastic achievement. And it’s taken an awful lot of people to do it.

“It’s inspiring when you hear stories about how and why people raise money for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.  It’s amazing.

“This has been a great year for Sir Bobby’s Foundation. It’s been able to fund a lot of important work as a result of the money raised and I know Sir Bobby would be very proud of what his charity continues to achieve. He always saw it as ‘his team.’

“We’ll all keep going and, together, we’ll be able to help even more people affected by this terrible disease.”

Sir Bobby Robson with SAFC Chairman Niall Quinn

Sir Bobby Robson with SAFC Chairman Niall Quinn

Niall Quinn says: “This is a magnificent achievement. I think Sir Bobby would be absolutely stunned by it to be quite honest.

“He had a goal when he launched his charity, to help give the people of this region truly world-class cancer treatment. Thanks to the amazing support it receives, that’s exactly what the Foundation is continuing to provide for the people of Wearside and across the whole of the North East and Cumbria.

“It’s important to remember, this £10million hasn’t been raised by the charity. It’s the result of tens of thousands of generous people making a donation or organising their own fundraising events.

“Sir Bobby was fond of describing the people who helped raise funds for the Foundation as his ‘last and greatest team.’ He wasn’t wrong at all. There are a lot of generous and thoughtful people out there.”