Sir Bobby’s son, Mark, ran the Great North Run for his Dad and for all the people he has met through the charity who have also been affected by cancer.


Mark Robson and partner, Kim Jennings, with his Dad in 2008

The first time he took on the half marathon, Sir Bobby saw him off from home, and he’s now run it another seven times. He describes the 2009 run, which took place shortly after his Dad died, as ‘very tough.’

This year was the first Great North Run for Mark’s 18-year-old daughter, Issy, and that made the run extra special.

Issy is about to start at Leeds University and trained well for the run but, like most first time runners, was very nervous beforehand.

Issy decided to challenge herself to do the Great North Run a year ago when she realised she was out of breath running short distances. Mark says he’s really proud of her – as her Granddad would have been.


Mark and Sir Bobby Robson Foundation Patron, George Caulkin, after this year’s run

Mark says: “The crowds this year were the biggest I’ve known and I feel, in a way, I’m running for them too, to thank them for their support.

“I found the last two miles really tough this year but the occasion makes all the pain and training worthwhile.


Kim, Mark and Issy proudly wearing their Great North Run medals

“My time is getting considerably worse each year but I’m not concerned about that. To know you are running with thousands of people who all have their own story and reasons to run, and to meet other Sir Bobby Robson Foundation runners in the tent afterwards, is so heart-warming.

“It’s a very special day.”

Mark’s partner, Kim Jennings, also took part in this year’s Great North Run. An accomplished runner, she has completed eight Great North Runs, two New York Marathons and three London Marathons.