From World Cup to tea cups – “Big Jack” shows he’s a winner


Jack Charlton may soon be as well known for tea cups as World Cups by promoting a new tea, which is helping raise money for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

The north east football legend is now ‘the face’ of Northumberland Tea alongside the light-hearted slogan “The best cup since 1966” referring to Jack, and English football’s, finest hour – winning the World Cup under Sir Alf Ramsey.

The tea is the creation of Corbridge couple Bill and Helen Logan, with the help of expert blender and importer James Pogson.  And, because Helen sadly lost both her mum and dad to cancer within the last three years, they were keen to do something that would also support the work of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

Helen says: “We spent several days with James learning how to create our blend.  Tasting teas from Kenya, Assam and Ceylon, which all have their own distinctive characteristics.

“We came up with a few variations of our tea and then tested them extensively with people in our region until we came up with the favourite.

“We love it and were thrilled when Jack agreed.  To have a World Cup winner’s backing is quite something and makes our support of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation all the more fitting.”

A percentage of the profits of Northumberland Tea will be donated to the cancer charity Sir Bobby launched in 2008.  The Foundation has gone on to raise more than £5.2million to find more effective ways to detect and treat cancer.

Helen adds: “My mum Margaret died in 2010 after being ill for just six weeks and my dad Michael died in 2012 from lung cancer aged 70.  He was a fit, strong farmer before his diagnosis.

“Bill and I felt very strongly about supporting the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation as my dad benefited from care funded by the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.  We hope, in a small way, that we are repaying a debt of gratitude as well as helping other local people facing cancer.”

Jack was very happy to put his name to Northumberland Tea and help his friend Sir Bobby Robson’s cancer charity in the process.

Jack says: “We’ve moved from coffee to tea now.  It’s all we’ve got in the house!  It’s very nice and all the family are using it.

“And I’m pleased it’s helping raise money for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.  I’ve known Bob for most of my life, starting from when he played for Fulham and then when he went into management. I played against him, of course, and used to see him quite often in London and he tended to be at most of the international matches.

“Then more recently he came home to the North East and when he left Newcastle he had an office in the city and we used to get to together now and again. The Foundation is a great charity and fantastic that Bobby has a legacy which helps out so many people. We’re both men of the region, but he was a Durham lad.  He was a good pal of mine.”

Bill, Helen and Jack were proud to hand over the first box of Northumberland Tea off the production line to Lady Elsie Robson.

Lady Elsie says: “I think this is a wonderful idea.  Tea is usually the first thing I think about in the morning.  In fact, I can’t really think properly about anything else until I’ve had my first cup!

“It’s very good of Bill, Helen and Jack to think of helping the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation like this.

“And I hope the tea is something people will enjoy all the more knowing they’re helping Bob’s charity too.”

Northumberland Tea is available from 100 retailers throughout north east England.  For further information please visit