The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation supports the protection of consumers’ privacy rights as a fundamental element of our business and always operates within Data Protection and Privacy legislation. At the Foundation supporter and the employee level, we support industry codes of practice and have developed internal policies that protect the privacy of consumer information.

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation PRIVACY PRINCIPLES

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and its employees, supporters and volunteers agree to conduct their business and activities according to the following principles:

  1. To recognise that users have the right to control the dissemination of information about themselves.We adhere to the core principles of Data Protection and the legislation that controls the use of personal data. We are careful to recognise any valid request from an individual to suppress their name from our marketing efforts, and have sophisticated systems in place to ensure this suppression.We also support the self-regulatory efforts of the direct marketing industry and believe such actions are a valuable addition to the legislative measures to extend the protection of the privacy of the user, whilst allowing him/her to continue receiving the benefits that sophisticated marketing techniques can provide.
  2. To conduct our relationships with users and information providers in an ethical and professional manner.We include in our contracts a commitment that any data sent to us for processing has been legally obtained and that ubsequent use of any data received from us will be in compliance with all data protection laws, as well as with applicable industry policies.We include in our information provider contracts a commitment that the data we receive has been legally obtained for the uses to which it will be put, and we agree to comply with any restrictions that the providers place upon the data.If we have reason to believe that a user or an information provider is not in compliance with these commitments we will terminate our relationship with them.
  3. To respond immediately to questions about the accuracy of information we process for our clients.We understand that inaccurate data can have a negative impact upon users. If a data error is called to our attention, we will use our best efforts to determine the source of the error and notify the responsible party to enable the appropriate amendment to be made. If the error is in data that originates with us, we will promptly correct it.
  4. To monitor privacy issues on an on-going basis to ensure that any changes in legislation or industry standards regarding privacy issues are reflected in our Privacy Policy and understood by our employees and volunteers.We use a variety of resources to stay informed about changes in legislation and regulation, and communicate all relevant information of this nature to our employees and volunteers.
  5. To maintain strict data security systems that ensure specific information about an individual will not be made available to any unauthorised person.We use a multi-level security system to control access to information stored for our users. This is complemented by rigorous physical security of our facilities and limited access to certain critical areas.
  6. To educate our employees and volunteers about the issues and laws surrounding individual rights to privacy.We provide information to all employees and volunteers, beginning with information during Induction Training, on the importance of user privacy. We provide ongoing education to our employees and volunteers on the laws and accepted practices under which The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation operates.All new employees and volunteers agree, as a condition of their employment with or support of us, to safeguard the personal data that is under our control.We will discipline any employee or volunteer who violates, or fails to report a violation of, our Privacy Policy.
  7. To work with recognised trade associations and organisations that support consumer privacy.We actively participate in the Direct Marketing Association’s efforts to maintain and develop appropriate industry guidelines that safeguard the individual’s right to privacy.
  8. To respond efficiently and promptly to requests for further information regarding our privacy principles, policy and the data we hold.Contact