Homeowners at McCarthy Stone’s William Turner Court, a retirement community in Morpeth, have been pitting themselves against top flight footballers to raise funds for our Foundation.

With an average age of 83, the group, nicknamed ‘the Billybobs,’ have taken part in Sir Bobby’s Football Run to support our work.

To complete Sir Bobby’s Football Run, participants are sponsored to run 10km, the same distance as a top-flight footballer does during a match.

Yvonne Bell, whose dad Jim Bell is one of the Billybobs, says: “We all thought it was a great idea to ‘run a match’ because it’s a chance to exercise safely after a year when that’s been difficult. And, of course, a way to raise money for a fantastic local charity, too.

“Obviously, the Football Run was really designed for people to run the 10km but the Billybobs thought a walk might be more appropriate given their recent lack of training.

“The eldest participant was 93 and the whole group really enjoyed taking part. The other residents at William Turner Court were really supportive and many of them sponsored the walkers. It’s been a great all-round experience.”

Some of the Billybobs took the Football Run in their stride, walking along the River Wansbeck to Bothal and completing well over 10km in one go. While others did it in measured stages along the apartment corridors, around the car park and along stretches of the River Wansbeck in Carlisle Park.

In total, the group walked an amazing 222km and raised £920 for us.

Lady Elsie says: “It’s wonderful to know our charity is inspiring magnificent support like this and we’re very grateful to all the Billybobs and everyone who sponsored them.

“This is the first Sir Bobby’s Football Run and we’ve been touched by all the support it’s received, and the positive comments about it. Lots of people who don’t run often, or at all, have chosen to get involved and I know Bob would love that. It’s so important to try and stay active if you can.”